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What if you could increase your self esteem while feeling seen, heard and loved by a group of special women ~


What if you could clarify your life purpose and transition to begin or increase action steps toward its fulfillment while feeling a great sense of belonging ~



In our Sistership Circles we seek to empower women to live the life they truly want, while celebrating the Divine Feminine and enjoying community with other women.


Sistership Circles take place on or close to natural cycles in nature that effect us such as the full moon, the new moon, and solstices. 


Sistership Circles are generated by a monthly theme that we explore together, sharing our deep feelings, acknowledging that as women we have our own needs and ways of doing things, and may include journaling, moving to music and simple rituals related to the theme. Laughter is welcome as are tears.


Sistership Circles are my prayer for the empowerment of women in the world.

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