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About Laurissa


Laurissa, founder of WomanRising, is a seeker and explorer of life who loves to laugh with girlfriends. When she was little, she wanted to be a ballet dancer, and she still does though she is now much older. 


Most of her life has been about studying music, dance and theatre, and learning and teaching languages which lead to much travel, especially in southeast Asia where she discovered how empowering it is to travel alone as a woman.


She is currently writing a book for women “who can’t sleep at night,” as she has longtime experience with insomnia. 


Her search for a cure for sleeplessness included the study of meditative sleep technique of Yoga Nidra and the“belonging” feeling and empowerment of women’s circles. 


She offers Yoga Nidra deep rest meditation classes and Sistership Circles, both with the goal of empowering women. She finds in this modern day rest leads to empowerment and empowerment leads to rest.


May all women find their voice and their purpose and rise up to be the woman they were meant to be in the world!

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